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The Snapchat Creative SDK (Creative Kit) for Android: Video Tutorial

Published July 9, 2019News

Wondering how you can get started building with Creative Kit? Check out this handy video and get the basic code to start your own app.

If you’re interested in building this exact example, you can start with our official Android example app, and check out the code below:

import android.os.Bundle
import android.view.View
import android.view.Window
import com.snapchat.kit.sdk.SnapCreative
import com.snapchat.kit.sdk.creative.models.SnapLiveCameraContent
 * Demo app's Main Activity
class SPSDemoMainActivity: FragmentActivity() {
    companion object {
        private const val TAG = "SPSDemoMainActivity"
    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        val creativeKitButton = findViewById<View>(
        creativeKitButton.setOnClickListener {
            val activity = this@SPSDemoMainActivity
            // Step 0 - Initialize the Creative Kit API + Media Factory.
            val creativeKit = SnapCreative.getApi(activity)
            val mediaFactory = SnapCreative.getMediaFactory(activity)
            // Step 1 - Choose your source of Media. (Snap's Camera)
            val snapLiveCameraContent = SnapLiveCameraContent()
            // Step 2 - Decide your overlays -  Caption & Sticker.
            snapLiveCameraContent.captionText = "CK Live Demo! \uD83E\uDD1E"
            // Step 2b - Configure the sticker asset to pass to Snapchat.
            val stickerFile = FileUtils.createNewFile(this, "sticker.png")
            FileUtils.writeInputStreamToFile("snap-dev-logo.png"), stickerFile)
            val snapSticker = mediaFactory.getSnapStickerFromFile(stickerFile)
            snapLiveCameraContent.snapSticker = snapSticker
            // Step 3 - Set your attachment URL.
            snapLiveCameraContent.attachmentUrl = ""
            // Step 4 - Send!

Happy building!

Getting Started: Setting up your first app

Published June 20, 2019News

Before you start building an app with a Snapchat library or API, you must register as an official developer at and set up your app. This process is fast and easy. Here’s a guide in case you need help!


You will need:

  • Snapchat accounts for you and any team members who plan to test the app. Sign up using your phone and the Snapchat app (iOS | Android)
  • A computer with a web browser
  • A 1024x1024 px logo or placeholder asset (OPTIONAL)

Step 1: Go to the Snap Kit Portal


Go to or click Log In at the top right corner of

Step 2: Create an app


Click the + button. Name your app, and select the permissions you want. You can also upload a logo using a 1024x1024px image (optional).


Step 3: Set up your development environment

Your app is almost ready to be tested. You’ll need to pick the libraries you plan to use:


Next, select the platform you’re developing on. Make sure you select this in the “Development Environment” section.


You’ll also need to add the Snapchat usernames of anyone who plans to access the app during development.


Step 4: Start testing!

You can now start to play with your integration. Make sure you use the Development ID when you’re testing; the Production ID won’t work until you’re approved for production.


Step 5: Build!

You’re all set! Head to the docs for more info, and start building your app.

Step 6: Submit your finished app for approval

Once you’re all done with testing and building, you’ll probably want to release something to everyone, not just the people you’ve added under the Demo Users list. You can do this with your Production ID, but to unlock this capability you’ll need to submit your app for approval.

Submitting your app for approval is as easy as clicking the button. For a smooth approvals process, have your privacy policy and demo video ready to go (more info on that in the app review guidelines). Then, just click Submit!

That’s all for now. Happy building!

Snap Kit News from the 2019 Snap Partner Summit

Published April 29, 2019News

On April 4th, Snap hosted the Snap Partner Summit. We welcomed over 800 of our closest partners to the Lot Studios in Hollywood, for a keynote packed with new announcements, inspiring breakout talks, interactive exhibits, great food, and of course, plenty of Snap swag.

As part of the Partner Summit, the Snap Kit team announced new developer partnerships across Bitmoji Kit, Creative Kit, and our newest platform product, App Stories.

Versa LavenderWoven Tea CheckWatch BlankScreen 6669 RGB-alarm-clockface

Take your Bitmoji everywhere. You can now “say it with Bitmoji” on apps like Venmo, or take your Bitmoji off the phone and onto your Fitbit. On Venmo, Bitmoji Kit augments the payment feature, allowing users to add their unique personality to payment descriptions and make splitting the bill more fun. In the Fitbit integration, Bitmoji Kit creates a context-aware experience on the Versa and Ionic smartwatches; your Bitmoji now completes and celebrates your fitness goals with you. Learn more about the partnership in this post on Fitbit’s blog, and check out how to start building with Bitmoji Kit here.

Netflix Stranger sidebyside final2

Share moments from your favorite app. Snapchatters love to capture moments with the Snapchat Camera. Creative Kit allows Snapchatters to capture their experiences in other apps, and then decorate and share them as Snaps. Snapchatters can now share movies and shows from Netflix directly to Snapchat, or they can show what causes they’re most passionate about on GoFundMe.

Sharing to the camera using Creative Kit brings the context of the partner app into each Snap:

  • From the GoFundMe app, Snapchatters can easily link to Snapchat to record a Snap to promote the cause and send to friends. Recipients can get involved with one simple swipe up.
  • From within the Netflix iOS app, members can select a title they’d like to share on Snapchat, seamlessly adding that title’s custom art to their Snap to post to their Story or send to friends directly.
  • Share a Sticker from Anchor featuring the podcast you just posted, driving tune-in from friends and fans. Or, share what you’re listening to on Breaker, using a Sticker of the new podcast you’ve just discovered.
  • The new integrations from JioSaavn, Anghami, and Shazam will help you create custom Snaps based on specific songs.
  • Sharing from VSCO generates a custom sticker and swipe-up data on the editing tools used to create the image.

Each Creative Kit integration also deep-links back to the partner app. Snapchatters can swipe up on a Creative Kit Snap to get more info and go directly to the song, podcast, campaign, or movie. Ready to start?

Tinder App Stories

Show off your Story in brand new places. This summer, we will launch App Stories. This new integration allows Snapchatters to post Stories not just to their Snapchat Story, but also to their profile in their favorite apps. Snapchatters on Tinder will be able to send a Snap to “My Tinder Story,” making their profiles more engaging and personal. Houseparty, a face-to-face social network, will allow Snapchatters to post stories that their Houseparty friends can view when they aren’t all able to group chat. In Adventure Aide, Snapchatters who are guides can use Stories to help potential customers discover new outdoor activities and sign up for adventures. Want to partner with us for your own App Stories integration? Sign up here.

That’s all for now! Happy building.

The Changelog: Snap Kit SDK 1.3

Published April 29, 2019News

Version 1.3 of the SDK is now available! Check out the changelog here.

bitmoji suggestion pills

Some highlights:

For Bitmoji Kit on iOS and Android, we’ve added...

  • Suggested keywords and recent shares, with suggestion pill UI. These will show up at the top of the sticker library. You can even see recently shared Friendmojis!
  • More languages. Arabic, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and many more!
  • Font changeability. Change the font of Bitmoji Kit to match the look and feel you want!

For Login Kit, we’ve also exposed new methods for obtaining access tokens in Swift and Obj-C.

For Creative Kit, we now have new interface methods for SCSDKSnapAPI. Check it out here.

As always, please check iOS Reference for deprecations.

Happy building!

Introducing App Stories and the Snap Audience Network

Published April 4, 2019News

On April 4th, we held the first Snap Partner Summit: a one-day extravaganza of announcements, demos, and more. We announced some amazing integrations and new features, including some new ways for developers to use the most powerful parts of Snapchat. You can now apply to add Stories to your apps and monetize with the new Snap Audience Network. Check out the official announcement below.

Today, we are excited to introduce three big additions to our developer tools to help you build engagement in your app, drive traffic to your platform, and make money.

App Stories

With App Stories, you can invite your community to post Stories to your platform, right from the Snapchat app. Snapchat is one of the most used cameras in the world - on average, Daily Active Snapchatters open our camera over 20 times each day, and over 3 billion Snaps are created each day.*

By integrating Story Kit and adding Stories to your app, developers like you can now tap into Snapchat’s camera engagement to enrich the experiences on your platform.

Snap Audience Network

In addition to fun features, we also want to support your business. The Snap Audience Network offers an exciting new opportunity for developers to monetize their apps with Snap Ads, our full screen, high-impact ad format. Like all Snap products, our Audience Network is built with our privacy-by-design principles top of mind.

If your app is based in the United States, you are invited to apply for access to our Ad SDK today. In the coming months, advertisers will be able to extend the reach of their Snap Ad campaigns to reach their audiences in the Snap Audience Network.

Apply at

*Snap Inc. internal data Q4 2018.

Login Kit Web + Bitmoji Checklist

Published November 8, 2018News

Since launching Snap Kit in June of this year, we've been incredibly excited by adoption in the developer community.

Today, we're continuing to support the mission of bringing Snapchat into the world by launching Login Kit on the web. Users will be able to log in with Snapchat across desktop and mobile experiences, making for a seamless experience. Check out the docs here!

Additionally, we're introducing new developer guidelines for Bitmoji Kit.

Bitmoji is about giving everyone a visual identity that captures their look, their style, and their personality. When friends can identify friends from their Bitmoji avatar, it means their cartoon likeness has truly become their digital self!

To make sure we’re delivering on that promise, we’ve created the Bitmoji Kit Integration Checklist.

Snap Kit SDK 1.1 Now Available

Published September 13, 2018News

We’re happy to announce a number of fixes and improvements in the Snap Kit 1.1 SDK! Here's what you can look forward to:

  1. Now users can share personalized stickers with their friends with Friendmoji! Note that this doesn’t provide access to any external friend networks, including Snapchat.
  2. A new view in the Bitmoji sticker picker to make it easier for users to grant access to their Bitmoji avatar if they had not done so at initial login.
  3. A faster way to preview Bitmoji stickers by adding an image object in addition to the Bitmoji URL to the selection callback.
  4. A new API to check users’ Bitmoji permissions, which may be used to understand error messages when fetching an avatar fails.


  • Removed a dependency on Protobuf, which reduces the size of the iOS binary.
  • Improved Bitmoji Sticker search recommendations. This means more relevant (and fun!) stickers show up on most queries.


  • New completion handler when launching Snapchat in Creative Kit.
  • Removed x86 libraries and no longer import Apache common libraries.

Introducing Snap Kit

Published June 14, 2018News


Today we’re introducing Snap Kit, a new set of developer tools that can bring Snapchat and your app together!

Snapchatters can now break the ice on Tinder with their Bitmojis, share an ETA on their order from Postmates with a sticker, watch Stories from their favorite fashion icons on Poshmark, and more.

  1. Creative Kit: Integrate your own stickers, Filters, links, and more right into Snapchat’s camera! Creative Kit lets Snapchatters bring highlights from your app — like high scores, workout stats, or new playlists — right into the Preview screen, so they can add their own touch and share it with friends.
  2. Login Kit: Snapchatters can link their Snapchat account to your app, and bring their Bitmoji avatar with them. You can integrate it in fun new ways — both in your app, and in ours! You can even use Login Kit to give your community a quick, secondary way to log in.
  3. Bitmoji Kit: Bitmoji Kit lets Snapchatters express themselves with Bitmoji stickers across your app — so they can chat with a real sense of personality.
  4. Story Kit: With Story Kit, you can embed Snapchat Stories on your own platform to showcase your community! You can also search Public Stories based on location, time, captions, and more — so you can see what your fanbase is up to.

We believe that privacy is essential to honest self-expression. It’s hard to be yourself if you don’t feel safe! That’s why Snap Kit was designed to share minimal data — safely, and only with Snapchatters’ explicit permission.

Snap Kit apps only need the basics — we’ll only be asking for a Display Name and a Bitmoji when someone logs in somewhere with Snapchat. Also, if a Snapchatter hasn’t used an app in over 90 days, it’ll automatically be disconnected from their account.

We’re excited to see what new creativity Snap Kit will help our community unleash — on Snapchat, and on other apps, too! If you’re a developer and interested in trying Snap Kit, head over to the portal to get learn more and get started.

Happy Snapping!


Team Snap Kit