Published July 2, 2020

Login Kit: Verify Only

Last week, we introduced Verify With Snapchat, a new way to verify phone numbers through Snap Kit. Verify With Snapchat is the newest addition to Login Kit and can be used in two ways: through Verify and Connect or Verify Only (new!).

Verify and Connect allows developers to check a phone number and verify that it matched the one on file for a user’s Snapchat account. Once the number has been verified and confirmed on Snapchat, users will be redirected to a native Login modal. After authorization, users will return to the 3PA connected and verified.

With the new Verify Only launch, developers can verify phone numbers on demand. They are now able to run the verification flow outside of the authorization flow, allowing Verify With Snapchat to be triggered at different points of the application. In this flow, Snapchat will only verify the inputted phone number and will not redirect users to the Login modal for authorization.

Please note that Snapchat will only use a phone number to verify if it is used by a Snapchat account. Snapchat will not use any phone number data for advertising purposes. If a phone number is not registered on Snapchat, we will ask users to update their Snapchat account with the new number.

Check out the docs to get started!

Happy Building!