Published October 20, 2020

Announcing Category Winners for the 2020 Snap Kit Developer Challenge

Over the past two months, we have seen you — our amazing community of Snap Kit developers — work on some incredibly ambitious projects. Our goal for Snap Kit has always been to enable innovation with our tools inside and outside of Snapchat. In this year’s Snap Kit Developer Challenge, we saw creative minds from all over the world build so many fun, new integrations, and we really had our hands full selecting winners.

But after much deliberation, we found five projects that completely won us over. Here are this year’s category winners:

🏆 Best Use of Dynamic Lenses: Learn It

Learn It, which was designed and developed by Dishant Gandhi, brings a new meaning to experiential learning by mixing Augmented Reality content with education. Using Creative Kit and Snap Lenses, students can visualize curriculum content while sharing a dynamic lens with friends on Snap in AR.

🏆 Best Use of Bitmoji: Happy - with friends

For those of us that are stuck in our homes, now is a perfect time for an app like Happy - with friends. Daniel Minini and Hanno Weiß remind us in their project that people are much more likely to build good habits when they share updates with friends. Anyone who uses Happy can personalize their profile with a Bitmoji avatar and motivate friends using Bitmoji stickers.

(Runner Up: Botmoji)

🏆 Best Design: Fleek

Online shopping doesn’t have to be overwhelming — especially when it’s social. Fleek, is here to bring friends and fun back into fashion browsing on mobile. Built by Naman Kedia, Kian Ghodoussi, and Cyprien Toffa — Fleek learns more about a shopper’s taste from every swipe, and with Creative Kit, Snapchat friends can weigh in on what they think about your style.

(Runner Up: Like My Recent)

🏆 Innovation Award: Snap Keys

Snapchatters love video games, but some games have accessibility limitations. Snap Keys turns Dynamic Lenses into PC game controllers by using hand gestures and facial expressions to navigate in-game action.

(Runner Up: mercNmore)

🏆 Best Overall Use of Snap Kit: Swirl

Challenging your friends on Snapchat just got a boost. Swirl makes the process of creating and sharing challenges with friends both fun and engaging. Choose from a collection of template themes like movies, music, or memes. Just tag friends to participate and keep the fun going.

(Runner Up: Premo)

And that’s it! Congrats to each of our five category winners, and a special thanks goes out to everyone who built something with us this year. We sincerely thank everyone for your participation and can’t wait to see you all continue to build on what you’ve done.