Published October 29, 2019

Tips for Bitmoji Kit App Review

Bitmoji Kit enables our users to express themselves with their personal Bitmoji avatar, communicating rich emotions visually and with a single tap. We review apps that feature Bitmoji before they are allowed to go to production. If you’re curious about what is and is not allowed when it comes to using Bitmoji in your app, the list below can be a good place to start!

Evaluating if Bitmoji Kit is right for your app

Bitmoji Kit should be used to enhance your app’s core features. You should not integrate Bitmoiji if the primary purpose of your app is to create or distribute stickers, GIFs, or clip art.

We created the Bitmoji avatar so you don’t have to! Don’t use Bitmoji Kit if your app offers core features similar or identical to Bitmoji.

Using the Bitmoji avatar

Bitmoji is all about your user’s identity. Only display Bitmojis that are associated with your user. Don’t allow users to share Bitmojis of anyone other than themselves or the person they’re communicating with (if Friendmoji is enabled).

We love seeing Bitmoji in new places but there are a couple of exceptions. Bitmoji should not be used in any app promotion or screenshots, except to show actual images of your approved Bitmoji Kit integration.

Bitmoji avatars should always keep their original design. Your app must not modify or allow users to alter Bitmoji artwork including avatar icons and Bitmoji stickers.


Bitmoji is free! Once you integrate with Bitmoji, it should be made free of charge to all users. Your app cannot monetize Bitmoji directly or indirectly.

For more info about app review, check out our app review guidelines.

Happy building!