App Review

Submitting for Snap review

Before we enable for public use, Snap reviews all apps that integrate with Snap Kit. Add an app in the Snap Kit developer portal. When your development is complete, click Submit for Review.

App Review Guidelines

We review Snap Kit integrations to make sure they align with Snap’s values before we enable them for public use. At Snap, we are kind, smart, and creative, and we expect the same from our developers.

Keep in mind that you can continue to test your app in a development environment without approval, but that you must receive approval from Snap in order to release your app to users in a production environment.

When you submit your app for review, please provide as much information as possible. Screenshots and visual aids will help get your app through the review process quickly. (If your app is not yet launched, please describe your app and how you plan to use Snap Kit in as much detail as possible.)

NOTE: Apps are periodically re-reviewed. If you misrepresent your intended use of Snap Kit, or the way you use it changes significantly after our initial review, we may need to revoke API access.

Questions about these guidelines and the app approval process can be sent to

Snap and Snap Kit Developer Terms

All usage of Snap Kit must comply with our Developer Terms. Our developer terms require compliance with our Snap Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Brand Guidelines. Usage that violates these terms will result in your app losing access to Snap Kit. We suggest that you review each of these terms individually to make sure your app complies.

That being said, here’s a higher level overview of some of the things we consider strongly during app review.


User safety is a priority for us. We carefully screen apps to ensure that they comply with our Community Guidelines.

Some examples of unacceptable content include:

  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Sexually explicit content and nudity
  • Hate speech
  • Harassment, threats and bullying
  • Violence
  • Self-harm
  • Spam
  • Piracy
  • Illegal goods
  • Gambling

For a full description of allowed content, please see the full list of Community Guidelines.

Bitmoji Kit

Bitmoji enables our users to express themselves with their personal Bitmoji avatar, communicating rich emotions visually and with a single tap.

Apps that use Bitmoji Kit must:

  • Use Bitmoji avatars to add visual identity to your app and/or enhance your app’s functionality
  • Demonstrate (in their submission) how your app will use Bitmoji Kit, including screenshots and description
  • Be a quality product
  • Respect users and treat them fairly
  • Have a publicly accessible privacy policy that completely and accurately describes how you collect, use, disclose, and retain data

Apps that use Bitmoji Kit cannot:

  • Offer core features similar or identical to Bitmoji
  • Give users the ability to share Bitmoji avatars of anyone other than themselves or the person they're communicating with
  • Use Bitmoji avatars or designs in any app promotion or screenshots, except to show actual images of your approved Bitmoji Kit integration
  • Monetize Bitmoji directly or indirectly (such as by charging for access to the Bitmoji library, selling Bitmoji merchandise, or including Bitmoji as a component of a paid feature)
  • Have a primary purpose of creating or distributing stickers/GIFs/clip art
  • Modify or allow users to modify Bitmoji artwork

Privacy and Data Guidelines

We feel strongly about protecting user privacy, and we require our partners to have a privacy policy in place. You can find a high-level overview of Snap’s Privacy Policy in Snapchat’s Privacy Center, or read the full version.

Legal Guidelines

All apps must conform with local laws and regulations in the jurisdiction where they available.

Brand Guidelines

When discussing or promoting your integrated app, do not suggest any endorsement, partnership, or affiliation with Snap Inc.

All uses of Snap-owned brands must comply with the Snapchat Brand Guidelines. App developers that do not respect Snap’s intellectual property will lose access to Snap Kit.

Inactivity notice

Apps that are inactive for over 90 days will be disconnected. If this happens to your app, your users will need to re-authenticate the next time they login.

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