Published April 29, 2019

Snap Kit News from the 2019 Snap Partner Summit

On April 4th, Snap hosted the Snap Partner Summit. We welcomed over 800 of our closest partners to the Lot Studios in Hollywood, for a keynote packed with new announcements, inspiring breakout talks, interactive exhibits, great food, and of course, plenty of Snap swag.

As part of the Partner Summit, the Snap Kit team announced new developer partnerships across Bitmoji Kit, Creative Kit, and our newest platform product, App Stories.

Take your Bitmoji everywhere. You can now “say it with Bitmoji” on apps like Venmo, or take your Bitmoji off the phone and onto your Fitbit. On Venmo, Bitmoji Kit augments the payment feature, allowing users to add their unique personality to payment descriptions and make splitting the bill more fun. In the Fitbit integration, Bitmoji Kit creates a context-aware experience on the Versa and Ionic smartwatches; your Bitmoji now completes and celebrates your fitness goals with you. Learn more about the partnership in this post on Fitbit’s blog, and check out how to start building with Bitmoji Kit here.

Netflix Stranger sidebyside final2

Share moments from your favorite app. Snapchatters love to capture moments with the Snapchat Camera. Creative Kit allows Snapchatters to capture their experiences in other apps, and then decorate and share them as Snaps. Snapchatters can now share movies and shows from Netflix directly to Snapchat, or they can show what causes they’re most passionate about on GoFundMe.

Sharing to the camera using Creative Kit brings the context of the partner app into each Snap:

  • From the GoFundMe app, Snapchatters can easily link to Snapchat to record a Snap to promote the cause and send to friends. Recipients can get involved with one simple swipe up.
  • From within the Netflix iOS app, members can select a title they’d like to share on Snapchat, seamlessly adding that title’s custom art to their Snap to post to their Story or send to friends directly.
  • Share a Sticker from Anchor featuring the podcast you just posted, driving tune-in from friends and fans. Or, share what you’re listening to on Breaker, using a Sticker of the new podcast you’ve just discovered.
  • The new integrations from JioSaavn, Anghami, and Shazam will help you create custom Snaps based on specific songs.
  • Sharing from VSCO generates a custom sticker and swipe-up data on the editing tools used to create the image.

Each Creative Kit integration also deep-links back to the partner app. Snapchatters can swipe up on a Creative Kit Snap to get more info and go directly to the song, podcast, campaign, or movie. Ready to start?

Tinder App Stories

Show off your Story in brand new places. This summer, we will launch App Stories. This new integration allows Snapchatters to post Stories not just to their Snapchat Story, but also to their profile in their favorite apps. Snapchatters on Tinder will be able to send a Snap to “My Tinder Story,” making their profiles more engaging and personal. Houseparty, a face-to-face social network, will allow Snapchatters to post stories that their Houseparty friends can view when they aren’t all able to group chat. In Adventure Aide, Snapchatters who are guides can use Stories to help potential customers discover new outdoor activities and sign up for adventures. Want to partner with us for your own App Stories integration? Sign up here.

That’s all for now! Happy building.