Snap Kit SDK 1.1 Now Available

Published September 13, 2018News

We’re happy to announce a number of fixes and improvements in the Snap Kit 1.1 SDK! Here's what you can look forward to:

  1. Now users can share personalized stickers with their friends with Friendmoji! Note that this doesn’t provide access to any external friend networks, including Snapchat.
  2. A new view in the Bitmoji sticker picker to make it easier for users to grant access to their Bitmoji avatar if they had not done so at initial login.
  3. A faster way to preview Bitmoji stickers by adding an image object in addition to the Bitmoji URL to the selection callback.
  4. A new API to check users’ Bitmoji permissions, which may be used to understand error messages when fetching an avatar fails.


  • Removed a dependency on Protobuf, which reduces the size of the iOS binary.
  • Improved Bitmoji Sticker search recommendations. This means more relevant (and fun!) stickers show up on most queries.


  • New completion handler when launching Snapchat in Creative Kit.
  • Removed x86 libraries and no longer import Apache common libraries.