Published June 14, 2018

Introducing Snap Kit

Today we’re introducing Snap Kit, a new set of developer tools that can bring Snapchat and your app together!


Snapchatters can now break the ice on Tinder with their Bitmojis, share an ETA on their order from Postmates with a sticker, watch Stories from their favorite fashion icons on Poshmark, and more.

  1. Creative Kit: Integrate your own stickers, Filters, links, and more right into Snapchat’s camera! Creative Kit lets Snapchatters bring highlights from your app — like high scores, workout stats, or new playlists — right into the Preview screen, so they can add their own touch and share it with friends.
  2. Login Kit: Snapchatters can link their Snapchat account to your app, and bring their Bitmoji avatar with them. You can integrate it in fun new ways — both in your app, and in ours! You can even use Login Kit to give your community a quick, secondary way to log in.
  3. Bitmoji Kit: Bitmoji Kit lets Snapchatters express themselves with Bitmoji stickers across your app — so they can chat with a real sense of personality.
  4. Story Kit: With Story Kit, you can embed Snapchat Stories on your own platform to showcase your community! You can also search Public Stories based on location, time, captions, and more — so you can see what your fanbase is up to.

We believe that privacy is essential to honest self-expression. It’s hard to be yourself if you don’t feel safe! That’s why Snap Kit was designed to share minimal data — safely, and only with Snapchatters’ explicit permission.

Snap Kit apps only need the basics — we’ll only be asking for a Display Name and a Bitmoji when someone logs in somewhere with Snapchat. Also, if a Snapchatter hasn’t used an app in over 90 days, it’ll automatically be disconnected from their account.

We’re excited to see what new creativity Snap Kit will help our community unleash — on Snapchat, and on other apps, too! If you’re a developer and interested in trying Snap Kit, head over to the portal to get learn more and get started.

Happy Snapping!


Team Snap Kit