Snap Kit Documentation

Snap Kit lets developers like you integrate some of Snapchat’s best features across your platform:

  • Creative Kit integrates stickers, filters, links, and more from your app into our camera.
  • Login Kit makes it easier for Snapchatters to log in to your app faster.
  • Bitmoji Kit brings Bitmojis into your app for more expressive communication.
  • Story Kit enables you to filter and embed publicly shared Snapchat Stories into your app or website.

Developer Portal

Head to the Snap Kit developer portal to add your app. There, you’ll find required credentials and basic registration instructions. The docs on this site assume you’ve been there, done that, and you’re all set to begin integrating.

Kit Guides

Ready to get started? Choose a kit on the left to start using the features.

API Reference

Explore our API with reference docs for iOS and Android.

Manage Your App

Once you complete integration, manage testing, usage analytics, and more in the developer portal.


We regularly update our documentation to give you everything you need for creative, easy integrations. If something’s not working for you, please report it to us here.

To stay up to date with our SDKs, see what’s new and follow @snapkit on Twitter.